Exercising Prevention with Comprehensive Dental Cleanings in San Diego

Our dentist, Dr. Moreno and her team are committed to serving the overall well-being of patients with our preventive dental care services. We use innovative technology to make our exams and cleanings increasingly effective.

From routine cleanings to gum disease treatment with laser dentistry, we offer comprehensive care that makes us a first-rate dental provider in the San Diego communities. Let us help you ensure long-lasting health for your smile. Schedule your appointment today!

Detailed Examinations

Dental health problems don’t suddenly appear overnight. They take time to develop and grow, starting as minor issues that gradually become major concerns. With early detection, our team can eliminate these complications with more success.

With the help of digital imaging technology, we can obtain precise pictures of your current oral state and surrounding structures, helping us determine the health of your smile and plan for necessary treatments. Our highly-trained hygienists are great at helping you apply positive oral health habits.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Our team has extensive experience with routine cleanings and advanced care for gum disease. For patients with gum infection, we provide a variety of treatments such as laser dentistry and scaling and root planing. This helps prevent the development of gum disease and protect against tooth loss.

We also perform oral cancer screenings to catch warning signs as early as possible. For patients with tooth decay, we provide enamel-colored fillings, which stop the spread of damage without detracting from your healthy, natural smile.

You’ll always leave our office with a better understanding of your current health status and how we can work together to improve your overall quality of life.

Helping You Enjoy Outstanding Oral Health

As your dental care team, our top priority is to help you achieve optimal oral health. Dental health is closely related to your overall well-being, and Dr. Helen Moreno takes the time to educate you about the impact of oral health, and provides the tools and tips you need to stay healthy with diligent at-home care in between appointments.

As part of your visit, we also conduct an open and honest discussion to understand your current questions, concerns, and goals for your smile. These conversations also inform us of any factors that could affect your smile, such as diet, lifestyle habits, and certain medications.

We Look Forward to Helping You Smile!

To learn more about how our professional dental cleanings and examinations can help preserve your health, schedule a consultation with Dr. Moreno today! 


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