Affordable Dental Care in San Diego, CA

Medical Costs These Days Are High

We will work hard to get the most out of your benefits

Making Your Care Fit In Your Budget

An unexpected bill can place a strain on an already overextended budget. Emergency dental work is typically an unexpected item and one that some are willing to put on hold until the tooth pain is unbearable. Unfortunately, by that time, the problem has worsened and needs more extensive treatment. This not only costs you more money but it also costs you more time off from work, in dental visits and recovery time.

You may be worried about the cost of dental care but you also can’t afford to put off treatment. Even a simple infection of the gum tissue can lead to the loss of tooth and bone when left untreated. Patients who ignore periodontal disease often require gum grafts, bone grafts, and dental implants to repair the damage of an infection that might have been treated early on with a simple deep cleaning.

You can rest assured that Drs. Meester and Olafsen won’t recommend any treatments that aren’t necessary. Our goal is to bring your teeth and gums to optimal health so that they can last you a lifetime. We concentrate on preventative dentistry and maintenance, preferring to protect your health so that you can avoid costly procedures.

Schedule a visit with Drs. Meester and Olafsen for an evaluation of your oral health. Drs. Meester and Olafsen will provide you with a detailed, personalized treatment plan with itemized cost of each procedure. You can then ask any questions about the treatments and how they are performed. Our friendly office staff will help you determine whether insurance will cover your treatment and give you an indication of the portion you would be responsible for paying. We are here to help.

Payment Options

Drs. Meester and Olafsen don't want any patient to feel as if they have no options when it comes to maintaining the health of their smile. Our San Diego, CA practice accepts:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks
  • Major credit cards
  • Dental insurance
  • We are in Network with most insurances. We do not accept HMO plans.

Affordable Dental Care in San Diego, CA